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Your own concierge portal

Upgrade your internal team’s tool set to manage concierge requests more efficiently and effectively. The same core engine supporting Balance Concierge’s full service solutions can be licensed for your own team to use.

A proven software solution

iStock-689281390.jpg No matter where your users are – at work, at home or traveling – Balance Concierge’s eBalance ExperienceTM software and Hospital TIESTM mobile app allows individuals to log onto your organization-branded portal and ask for assistance. Users praise it’s intuitive and easy-to-use design, especially appreciating the convenient single sign-on password access from your intranet or from their favorite web browser. Your concierge program’s portal is a 24/7 resource, providing a wide variety of services and amenities all by itself, including:

  • A wide variety of discounts for products and services from local and national vendors
  • Peer-to-peer and manager-to-team member recognition tools
  • Community-building story and testimonial submission platform
  • Personal event/meeting reminders and online personal calendars
  • An organizational calendar helping to promote internal and local events
  • Local weather, traffic, and directions information
  • Event planning tools
  • Classified ads (an "internal Craig's List") and/or links to a private Facebook Swap ‘n Shop page just for your team
  • Virtual bulletin boards, newsletters, an online retail shop and other features as desired

On the back end of eBalance Experience, your software license will provide several valuable real-time management reports covering utilization, vendors and the specific platform features included in your customized program. Analyzing these key performance indicators is helpful for successful program operations and measurement.

iStock-862722088.jpgMobile convenience

Our new Hospital TIESTM [Together In Everyday Success] mobile app is an option you can also license. It is valuable especially to those team members who are often traveling between facilities or working in areas without frequent access to a desktop or laptop computer. While our eBalance Experience portal is responsive and available on mobile devices, some users like having the additional format of an app. Plus, the app offers you expanded opportunities to communicate important messages to your team and share curated content on topics related to balancing work, life and well-being. 

Support for your new software

Several hours of onsite training on the use of both the user interface and the back end management reporting features are included with your software license. Help desk support via phone and email during regular business hours in the Eastern time zone of the United States is also included. 

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