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iStock-827498280.jpgWith Balance Concierge, we know that every oganization is unique.  That’s why our consultation and evaluation process assures the best fit for your needs.

No two Balance Concierge clients have exactly the same configuration of services. Being able to meet your organization’s specific needs tailored to your brand and culture is a competitive differentiator as you strive to retain and attract the best of the best for your team.

Healthcare - as well as many other industries - can be stressful and life is full of distractions. It can be difficult for your team members to be present with patients and customers when they are thinking about things outside of their caregiving roles at work.

Alleviating as many personal interruptions, worries, frustrations, and time sensitive conflicts from your employees’ work schedule are what our onsite Balance Concierge Ambassadors love to do every day. Our portal, eBalance ExperienceTM, and optional accompanying mobile app, is the core engine that drives a convenient interface for your employees as well as robust reporting for you to monitor the growing value of your program.

Treating the root problem of distractions with customized solutions

Reducing the weight of to-do lists has been proven to have a significant positive effect on bottom lines … and lives.

iStock-830770858.jpgWe provide complete design, development, implementation, marketing, management consulting and training services for organizations within the healthcare industry wishing to develop an in-house concierge program for employees, physicians, patients and guests. We will conduct a comprehensive strategic review of your current benefits and workforce to assess your diverse employee needs and identify how to best assist you in achieving your organizational goals. 

Step 1: STRATEGY – Understanding your goals, objectives and budget

Step 2: DESIGN – Building your custom program

Step 3: EXECUTION – Launching your program

Step 4: ANALYSIS – Measuring your program’s outcomes

Together we will design an innovative concierge program featuring the ideal options you. Click on the following foundational categories to learn where we will begin building your custom program.

We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success from creating a customized program to ongoing outcomes measurement. 

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