Balance Concierge is like a multi-purpose pocket tool for employee engagement

Have you ever carried a multi-purpose tool in your pocket, purse, backpack or hiking bag and been thankful for its usefulness when you’ve needed to cut, file, open, screw or grab something small? We’ve used one to cut loose threads, take care of a painful hangnail, tighten the loose screw on the bow of eyeglasses, and open a stubborn box. They come in all shapes and sizes for everyone including outdoor enthusiasts, mechanics, carpenters, surfers, bartenders, medical emergency personnel and anyone else needing multiple small tools in a handy all-in-one compact toolset that is easy to carry.

Balance Concierge is a little like these toolsets. In fact, we’re a multi-purpose tool inside a multi-purpose tool.

Our business model is designed to allow us to provide customized solutions for many different elements of the full employee engagement toolset in organizations. And, within the primary tool of providing concierge services to an organization’s employees, our Concierge Ambassadors help simplify work, life and well-being for individual employees in many ways.

Let’s start with customized solutions for organizations. Balance understands that every organization’s culture and needs are different, yet the challenge of costly distractions is common. Healthcare – as well as many other industries – can be stressful and life is full of personal interruptions, worries, frustrations, and time-sensitive conflicts that distract employees from being engaged and productive in the roles you are paying them to fulfill. Our goal is to alleviate as many of those distractions as possible to help you boost your bottom line.

Our portal, eBalance ExperienceTM, is the core tool that is a convenient interface for your employees as well as robust reporting for you to monitor the growing value of your program. This online platform also serves as the central coordination tool of our full-service relationship-building solution, a Turnkey Onsite Concierge Department where our Concierge Ambassador team provides service within your organization as a white-labeled program that integrates seamlessly with your culture. The turnkey service comes complete with recommended program policies and procedures, onsite implementation best practices, local and national vendor relationships and discounts, internal marketing initiatives in partnership with your communications tea, and customized real-time reports and satisfaction surveys for your human resource, patient services and administrative teams.

Some of the tools inside the portal that your employees can access 24/7 at their desk, work station, mobile location and home include:

  • Submit service requests - Requests can be anything from making travel arrangements, coordinating auto maintenance services, ordering flowers, and finding a daycare center to researching a new product and helping plan a birthday party. The list of request possibilities [] is long and varied!
  • A wide variety of discounts for products and services from local and national vendors
  • Peer-to-peer and manager-to-team member recognition tools
  • Community-building story and testimonial submission platform
  • Personal event/meeting reminders and online personal calendars
  • An organizational calendar helping to promote internal and local events
  • Local weather, traffic, and directions information
  • Event planning tools
  • Classified ads (an "internal Craig's List") and/or links to a private Facebook Swap ‘n Shop page just for your team
  • Virtual bulletin boards, newsletters, an online retail shop and other features as desired

Balance Concierge also offers licensing to our eBalance ExperienceTM software, training for your concierge staff, and consultation for building or growing your own in-house concierge program.

In addition to concierge services, our team is experienced at providing other employee engagement services that efficiently and effectively dovetail with our role in your organization. We build local relationships with vendors negotiating discounts on your behalf that several departments and functions within your organization can benefit from. For instance:

Recognition and Rewards Program Management

Whether you want to streamline or elevate recognition, or both, we can help you with two unique and easy-to-use platforms that have proven to be effective, efficient and meaningful tools: Leader to Team Member/Volunteer and Peer-to-Peer. We can also research and recommend special awards, plaques and other recognition memory-triggering gifts that align with your unique values and culture.

Human Resources Onboarding Assistance

We can send out a scheduled series of emails and messages based on the hire date of new team members to ensure that all important information is shared. In addition, we can help you with relocation logistics, welcome services, and orientation of new team members to your local community while you focus on the job role onboarding and orientation tasks.

Facility and Campus Welcoming and Way Finding

The physical placement of your Balance Concierge Specialist team may lend itself to helping you assist those needing a friendly-smile and directions to wherever they are going within your facility. Clients who take advantage of this service find our team truly becoming immersed in their organization and being a catalyst to building a positive culture.

Meals-to-Go Program

Knowing the importance of proper nutrition in the recovery and healing process of patients, as well as on the general well-being of all individuals, we can provide healthy, chef-prepared meals for everyone in your organization through our national partner Top-quality fresh produce and ingredients are used to ensure delicious and nutritious meals that meet the special dietary and lifestyle needs of organizations and individuals including:

  • Healthcare offices and staff
  • Physician/providers and staff
  • Home health care patients
  • Family members
  • Senior care and assisted living

Because Balance Concierge knows that the nutritional needs and preferences of people are different, our Meals-to-Go Program offers a wide variety of options focused on homestyle dishes, special diets and portion control. Categories include general, dialysis, low sodium, diabetic and renal specific menus.

Whether you are a hospital, home healthcare agency, healthcare staff member, or an individual caring for a family member close by or far away, Balance Concierge’s Meals-to-Go Program can be tailored to your needs. This valuable service is also available for patients being discharged from the hospital to:

  • Reduce post-discharge readmissions rates
  • Add a valuable service branded to your organization that builds loyalty beyond their hospital stay
  • Outreach to and engage the community
  • Improve the well-being of patients throughout their continuum of care
  • Provide easy access to nutritional resources and services for patients and caregivers
  • Provide support for clinical and support staff

Patient Discharge and Home Health Scheduling Assistance

Studies show that the better patients follow their health care routines and receive appropriate help at home have higher satisfaction with their care and a lower rate of return hospital visits. Since we specialize in coordinating logistics and schedules, we can serve as an extension of your team delivering this non-medical care.

Energy-Strength-Vitality Wellness Program

Wellness Energy Menu

  • Community Supported Agriculture network access
  • Fitness class schedules and registration
  • Door-to-Door Organics orders and deliveries
  • Farmers’ markets schedules and hosting
  • Fitness equipment and gym membership discounts
  • Massage therapy appointments
  • Sports league schedules and registration
  • Yoga/Pilates class schedules and registration

Wellness Strength Menu

  • Include existing exercise classes and fitness opportunities into the eBalance Experience portal calendar
  • Create scrolling images to advertise special health, wellness and fitness opportunities on the home page of the eBalance Experience portal
  • Coordinate onsite health and wellness education events and vendor fairs
  • Addition of a wellness feature page in each monthly e-edition of our Live Balanced newsletter with wellness tips, reviews of the newest mobile apps, local race information (i.e. 5K walk/runs, marathons, bike races, special deals for healthy living)
  • Healthy Meals-to-Go
  • Online Gear Store with branded items unique to your organization
  • Discounted fitness wearables (i.e. Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, etc.)

Wellness Strength+Vitality Menu

  • All items listed above in the Strength Menu
  • Collaborate with current TPA to identify target opportunities
  • Create and host fitness events and outings for your employees off-site with convenient registration through eBalance’s event management tool (i.e. Family picnic with bike/walk trail, canoeing with coworkers, softball or volleyball tournament, etc.)
  • Individual wellness goals and tracking added to private member profiles on the eBalance Experience portal
  • Option to upload fitness wearable data into the profile to track results with a private individual and anonymous group reporting capability
  • Incentivized walking/fitness programs (i.e. Couch to 5K, Pound Plunge, Mileage Club, Step Up, etc.)
  • Ergonomic assessment of facility with signage to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle habits (i.e. Take a flight of stairs to burn 50 calories, 10,000 steps a day to a healthier you, etc.)


Need an online uniform shop and gift store or help with leadership development training? We can help you set these up through our partnership with several leading national experts at a lower rate than typically available.

Balance Concierge’s many onsite high touch, high tech and high-value personal concierge and software solutions within our multi-purpose toolset are designed to make a significant positive impact on your bottom line and the lives of people within your organization. We can help you enhance your organization’s culture of caring, team member engagement, and status as an employer of choice. We’ll listen first and then share the best practices we’ve learned over the last decade to customize our solutions into the best multi-purpose tool for your employee engagement needs.

Learn more about how Balance Concierge can be a multi-tool solution for your organization! Contact us at  877.502.2201 or Click Here.