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Our services are designed by healthcare professionals for professionals who care in all industries

Our unique value proposition is that we understand firsthand the economic pressures and growing demand for patient, customer, and employee services facing healthcare today. We have designed programs and services to help promote your organization on many levels, both within your facilities and in your local and regional community.

Shoulder-up shot of Judy Foley smiling into the cameraWith over thirty years of experience in healthcare leadership, including both clinical and non-clinical areas, Balance Concierge was launched in 2008 by a previous healthcare administrator. Maintaining a passion for helping people lead healthier lives, Balance Concierge is one of the only national concierge and personal assistant firms with a focus on healthcare systems and healthcare-related companies.

Headquartered in the Upper Midwest serving organizations across the nation

Based in East Lansing Michigan we complement and leverage the work of our on-site concierge staff with an interactive 24/7 virtual concierge portal, allowing employees and providers access to concierge services from anywhere at any time. This model was developed as a result of “organically growing” an in-house program aiming to improve employee morale and productivity with the ultimate goal of increasing patient satisfaction scores. We intuitively sensed – and have since proven – that employers who support and assist balanced work-life integration and balance reap the rewards of a more engaged workforce and several other benefits. 

We quickly realized busy healthcare workers nationwide who are based in hospitals, medical centers, off-site clinics and office locations would all benefit from increased well-being. Supporting people in multiple locations was going to require the help of technology. Before launching our first client in 2009 we designed and programmed the first concierge services online portal and proprietary concierge management software. That proprietary software, eBalance ExperienceTM, has been upgraded and expanded over the years to include several user platform options and robust reporting features.

High touch, tech, and value are the basis of our relationships

One of our concerns and goals is to give our clients the personal attention you deserve. Building a strong relationship with leadership teams is a top priority that helps us best serve the ever-changing needs of each unique client organization.

As entrepreneurs of a small and growing business, we knew we needed to stay as lean as possible while providing the very best high touch, high tech and high-value service. We enhanced our services early on by developing a successful model for partnering with local merchants of vetted quality and integrity to achieve the highest levels of service for our program users.

In addition, we now offer and deploy engagement strategies in the areas of communication, community business promotion, and organizational integration and wellness. We have even expanded our programs to provide an enhanced patient experience through more convenient access to services and products, improving health and wellness outcomes. After all, alleviating stress and distractions of everyday tasks for patients is helpful to the healing process and involves many of the same tasks we provide to employees, providers and administrators.

Value-added vision

With tens of thousands of people now using our eBalance Experience software solution and several  Balance Concierge specialist teams providing face-to-face personal assistance within large health systems, we are continuing to add valuable services to our programs that no other concierge firms offer to clients. Communication details, extra attention to new and different requests, helping all departments achieve their goals, and an added effort to source the healthiest and highest quality preferred local vendors are just a few of the things that set us apart. Our vision is to continually grow while staying on the cutting edge of providing you the very best concierge services at the best value possible.

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