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We understand that satisfaction and engagement are at the core of your ability to thrive. Work-life balance is defined as successfully integrating responsibilities at work and home in a way that allows people to experience the best of both worlds - being productive and satisfied - without sacrificing one for the other.

Driven by complex changes in work and society, a growing number of workers, regardless of age or professional responsibility, are reporting a constant “struggle to juggle” with work-life balance as their number one priority. Whether the everyday challenges are at home, work, or both, finding ways to manage daily distractions is essential to a healthy and productive workforce.

Balance Concierge Ambassadors see and treat many of the root causes of distraction and imbalance by alleviating a wide array of personal interruptions, worries, frustrations, and time sensitive conflicts to help you save your bottom line.

Balance Concierge helps you simplify work, life and well-being

Our trusted services provide solutions that result in a happier, healthier culture within your organization. Those who serve, as well as those being served, will feel they are on top of life’s day-to-day challenges with our onsite Balance Concierge Ambassadors carrying out the following sample list of services.

We invite you to scroll through our long list of services offered to your team. We have organized them for your convenience based on our tagline of work, life and well-being. 

For Work

Man and woman working on a project together on their computer

For Life

Family enjoying a party. The father is passing vegetables off tot he son.

For Well-Being

A couple taking a break from running

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"89% of employees spend 30 minutes to 5 hours per workday taking care of personal tasks and issues."




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